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Collaborative Product Development

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CPD is the next stage in the evolution of the well-known OPD (Outsourced Product Development) space where, as against outsourcing core product development to supplier, the customer and the supplier collaborate together to design and develop new products.PSS can offer complete life-cycle of product development services to new and existing software products and Interfaces by setting up dedicated India based Collaborative Development Centers (CDCs) for software development to enrich Product Companies and Banks. Through these dedicated centers, PSS offers the services that span the full Product lifecycle

  1. Product management
  2. Product design
  3. Product development
  4. Product consulting
  5. QA and Technical / Functional Support

Support Setup/Centre

PSS offers an excellent support for all the critical projects / products.

  1. Response and Resolution within the SLA
  2. Continuous improvement through constant monitoring
  3. Not just the quick fix but also providing the stable solution for all the issues
  4. Clear communication plan for faster resolution
  5. 24/7 support offered
  6. Detailed documentation and tracking mechanism

Testing Hub

In order to evaluate whether the solution, functional quality and business requirement are delivered with the right result in place, testing plays a fundamental role.

We at PSS bring the Testing solution setup based on our domain expertise, experience, ability to evaluate all the testing scenarios and ensure high quality of testing with the required capacity, a transparent process and optimal testing methodology.

PSS provides

  1. Functional & System Testing
  2. Integration Testing
  3. Performance Testing
  4. Usability Testing
  5. Automation Testing

Based on the experience with different projects during our practice in field of consulting, we have observed that Testing is not just an activity but also a measure in redefining the approach of the solution at times.

PSS focuses on Testing, centered within a well-defined process and methodology

Spearheaded by a specialized core team.