Project Systems & Solutions

Pro Projects

  • Data Migration
    • Platon System to Flexcube
    • Forpost System to Flexcube
  • Interfaces – Development, implementation, Testing & Production support more than 30 interfaces
  • Development of ETL process for Reporting and providing data to Reporting System and other systems
  • Currency Conversion in Euro – Estonia country
  • SEPA end date regulation – Estonia Country
  • Testing
    • System Integration testing
    • UAT- User Assurance Testing

Data Migration

  • Every system has its own lifecycle and when it tries to fade from the coping up with the ever changing regular and new business requirements, hence there is always a need for constant innovation and lateral thinking. With the offset of the Legacy system and movement to the new system it becomes inevitable to post the Legacy system data to new system based on the required standards.
  • The term Data Migration seems to be simple but there are many challenges and complexities involved.
    • Analysis of Target system – Functional and Technical
    • Documenting the approach based on Target system data model and Legacy system data storage based on business considering the dependency on other existing systems.
    • Data Mapping between Legacy and Target system
    • Solution for Loading and Transformation of data with the required format
    • Reporting to check the data reconciliation and data correctness.
  • Data Migration plays a very important role in the success of implementation of the Target system for uninterrupted business operations.
  • The right data is always the core of any system.

Interface and Integration

  • Interface and data integration is a must when there are more than one systems involved in the architecture.
  • Interfaces are built between two systems to overcome the gaps or requirement of one particular system to fulfill their business requirement.
  • Our team has built and developed many interfaces with some playing key roles like:
    • Providing data to the Data warehouse from the Core Banking solution
      • Extraction
      • Data staging
      • Transformation
      • Providing data in required target system format, standards
    • Interfacing between systems using different protocols
      • JMS (Java Messing services)
      • Integration with MQ (Messaging queue) and MB (Message Broker)
      • SMTP
      • SFTP
      • FTP
  • Have been involved in creating the Design and comprehensive solutions to integrate and parameterize the required User Interface hence ensuring flexibility.

Euro Currency Conversion and SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area)

  • EURO Conversion
    • When a Euro Zone country decides to opt for Euro as their official currency that means all Businesses/systems and data have to be converted to Euro which now becomes a local currency.
    • Our team has been a part of the changes in CBS & Interfaces for Euro conversion project when Estonia opted for EURO from1st Jan 2011.
  • SEPA - End date regulation
    • Single Euro Payment Area - is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in Euro currency
    • In Estonia we are part of SEPA implementation by planning providing solution and documenting, Testing and support.
    • Our team has the ample experience and expertise of SEPA implementation on Flexcube core banking solution with the keeping intact with the Central European bank rule book on SEPA and clearing system.