Project Systems & Solutions

Concube (A PSS Product)

Concube is a product developed by PSS which caters to the enhancement of customer engagement with the Bank by offering intelligent, relevant and timely data.

Banking Project companies
  1. Concube provides a Single Page View of a Customers engagement with the Bank.
  2. Preconfigured for Flexcube with ETL utility
  3. Provides a comprehensive solution to leverage customer information through Enterprise Customer Master
  4. 360 degree view of customer profiles and information records to improve customer service levels and generate cross selling opportunities
  5. Sales Effectiveness: Analyses all activities around acquiring new customers through the various products and campaigns that Banks run
  6. Product wise: Enables product penetration analysis
  7. Branch wise: Measurement/Analysis of branch performance

Pro Advantages

Process Monitoring,Process Intelligence.
Speed of Implementation 66 days
Pre-defined dashboards, reports, scorecards and KPIs Available
Complete history of customer Considered
Data from different systems Supported
Calculation of Credit Risk Complete information provided
Customer specific reports Detailed report can be generated
Flexible Engagement Models Chose from various levels and types of engagement