Project Systems & Solutions

Pro-Line Benefits:

Effectiveness Efficiency
Accurate & faster issue identification in one click Enabling the enterprise to make better decision in the business with the right information
Real time information about the transactions & processes Quickly addressing the problem areas
Assurance & better visibility of a transaction Focusing and positioning the business to cater the new or emerging opportunities
Knowledge base of both technical & functional process flows Minimizing the effort required in issue identification
Addressing the gaps between Business & IT Pro-active tracking of the technical & functional process flows

Salient Features:

  • One click solution
  • Knowledge base for all process flows
  • High skilled resources requirement is minimized
  • Quick troubleshooting
  • Ease the tracking of complex technical & functional process flows
  • No hardware & software overheads for deployment
  • Holistic view of existing processes through unified dashboard
  • Reporting the status for better business decision making
  • Reduction in effort required for issue identification
  • A single resource can track both technical & functional flows
  • No admin is required to monitor Pro-Line