Project Systems & Solutions
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Our Vision

“To be the best in class, transparent, high precision and effective IT solution provider”

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Our Mission

“Focus on providing efficient yet simplified products and solutions with high emphasis on flexibility, reliability, transparency and trust to add value”

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Our Team

"PSS is incubated and managed by people having a proven track record of translating knowledge into effective solutions. A melting pot of talent and expertise, the team is constituted of highly qualified technocrats with experience across geographies and technologies in the Banking domain.

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Value Proporation

“Simplicity is often a quality acquired after a lot of complications! Our team has been in this space for a decade and has developed products and implemented them across Europe. One question always remained. Can’t there be a simpler solution to this challenge? Prosys Solutions was the answer. Over the last few years, we have evolved into being a platform leveraged solutions provider. The platforms developed are a culmination of all the practical experiences that the team has gone through.”

Project Systems & Solutions

PSS was set up in 2009 by a bunch of like-minded professionals who worked for large organizations in the Banking and Data Management space. Having worked across Europe, realized that many times the client does not get all the things that were promised at the beginning of the project and there are hassles in managing the project at the later stages also. We at PSS ensure that these circumstances are conquered and timely delivery without compromising on quality.

“To blend both Indian and European culture, we have a base in Vilnius (Europe) to deliver the expected standards across Europe.”


PSS consultant has been working for DNB ”

“Key responsibility for integration and development of offline interface parts. Efficiently planned and coordinated activities and successfully guided the project team to reach milestones.

Acted as a partner , actively worked and thought together with the bank to provide best long term solution, showed deep banking knowledge. Very Trusted and appreciated.”


“Impressed with PSS ability to solve critical incidents easily and making complex solutions simple as well ensuring quality of solution provided


“Vast experience of working in European projects knows European clients requirements for quality and execute responsibilities honestly . PSS work perfectly in mixed teams as knows European mentality

Look forward to working with PSS.”